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But then when it started to unravel, it became interesting in a different way.”“It became a show that was completely suited to a multi-platform world,” says Ginia Bellafante, TV critic at became unintentionally brilliant because it demanded so much other consumption to find out what was ‘real.’”From its inception, the show was like a petri dish of American culture. Eileen O’Neill, president of TLC—herself a twin—was looking for stories about multiples when, in 2006, she approached Bill Hayes, head of the North Carolina–based Figure 8 Films, which had specialized in programming about unusual families and medical miracles ().

Figure 8 found Jon and Kate—a laid-back, laid-off I. specialist and an uptight pediatric nurse with a set of twins, age five, and sextuplets, age two—in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg.

Figure 8 did a one-hour special on them, which aired on the Discovery Health Channel in 2006.

Their weekly show debuted on TLC the following year.

It was some time last year, according to a source close to Jon, that Jon began to suspect that Kate and Neild, her bodyguard, were having a romantic relationship.“I speculate, but I don’t know,” Jon said on in early September—by which time he and Kate were openly duking it out across the airwaves. And then there’s some other guy traveling with my wife.”Kate denies the affair, saying she is “beyond angry” at Jon’s allegations.“Jon believes it’s true,” says the source. ’”Kate says that since the onset of “the bad behavior” (she means Jon’s), there have been paparazzi camped outside her house in Pennsylvania, “anywhere from 4 to 17 of them.” They follow her around town as she runs errands. “I always tell [the children], ‘Turn your back and don’t look at them, don’t speak to them,’” says Kate. I mean, no five-year-old should be using the word ‘’”Another element of the Jon-and-Kate story that can’t be discounted is the financial woes of print media in the Great Recession. She stops obligingly, here and there, posing with the same elated smile for every picture—it’s the same smile she’ll wear in her cover next week: “Kate Strikes Back! “Oooooh, sorry about that,” she says, moving right along.

“When they were traveling together, I felt jealous. “People have told him things where she and Neild have stayed in the same hotel room. He doesn’t act like her bodyguard, he acts like her man.” Kate calls this “absolutely untrue.” Neild’s spokesman maintains that his relationship with Kate is “of the highest professional standard.”Last October, says the source, Kate sat Jon down at the kitchen table and said she had “grown out of him, she was done with him, and she no longer wanted to be with him. Jon and Kate were bad behavior from heaven to tabloids beset by budget concerns and battling a waning interest in actual celebrities, who are often more in control of their image. ”A personal shopper, an older lady in a floral-print dress, is summoned to help Kate select toys for her brood. She finally decides on some lunch boxes; CAT digger trucks; crafts for girls.

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But Laurie Goldberg, senior vice president of communications at the Learning Channel, which airs “I am so emotionally spent” (from her husband’s behavior, which has included philandering with the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate her tummy tuck), and so it might not look good for her to be out enjoying herself at a hot spot.“You’re like a prisoner,” Kate says of her newfound fame, annoyed. She and her estranged husband, Jon, are churning around at the center of a multi-media tsunami focused on their split and impending divorce. Kate out in medialand, and the media is squarely on Team Jon.

(We know, we were disappointed too.) Rather, it is an ex boyfriend creating more slander for the elementary school teacher.

How did two average parents from rural Pennsylvania with an outsize brood rise to such dizzying heights of stardom and tabloid infamy?

When they found she was unable to conceive due to polycystic ovary syndrome, they turned to fertility treatments, resulting in the birth of their twins, Mady and Cara, in 2000.

In 2003, another round of fertility fuel produced Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel.two years ago, appeared on-screen as a dowdy, sweatpants-wearing mama hen, is now looking very much the celebrity—from her tanned, trained body to her curiously asymmetrical blond hairdo, now so iconic as to be the model for a popular Halloween wig. “Oh, it’s Kelly”—Ripa, of —Kate says, holding up a French-manicured finger, signaling for us all to be silent. They are the subject of gossipy talk-show talk—a frequent “Hot Topic” on —and the target of thousands of disapproving blogs (Gosselins Without Pity being the most insane). “In news focus groups,” says Richard Spencer, editor of which has put Jon and Kate on its cover 15 times, “it was amazing to me that readers were actually on Jon’s side. I don’t blame him for having an affair.’”“Mom to Monster,” cried the cover of in May. “Bit of a nerd.” Neild travels with Kate; he accompanied her on the book tours for her best-selling Neild doesn’t think going to Nobu is such a good idea, either.Since March, they have appeared on the cover of the major celebrity weeklies more than 50 times—more than any other celebrity, including Brad and Angelina. That was the story that broke the rumor of an affair between Kate and her bodyguard, Steve Neild—an allegation Kate has called “disgusting and unthinkable.” A spokesman for Neild deems the rumors without “any merit whatsoever.”Neild, a dashing, salt-and-pepper-haired former counter-terrorism cop from New Zealand (also married), is in the hotel room with us now. “I think it’s too risky,” he tells Kate, who just shrugs, blandly conceding, resembling not at all the self-described control freak who bossed and bullied Jon through the first four seasons of their reality show (once barking at him in a store, “Come! It’s an image that’ll play well in the media: Kate buying toys for the kids while Jon is on the cover of announced), Kate says they have hounded her “every single single single single single single single day of my life. I hate it so much.”I say you can almost feel sympathy for the celebrities who lose their tempers around photographers. ” Kate asks archly.“I’m waiting for the call,” Goldberg says, laughing.“I’m actually there to keep the paparazzi safe,” Neild jokes.“Shut up,” Kate tells them sharply, frowning.K.,” says Neild, after I suggest a shopping trip to F. “It surprised the hell out of me,” says TMZ’s Harvey Levin.