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The small but ambitious team consists of veteran developers and new talents alike, led by former games journalist Victor Lionhead, focused on creating quality-over-quantity video game experiences for PC, Mac, current-gen consoles and mobile devices.

Rain of Reflections is an atmospheric, cyberpunk flavored role-playing game.

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106 game cards, 3 'Exclusive' cards that double your score, and 1 rules card.HOUSE RULES OR PERSONAL CHANGES: For this game it seems as if the creator wanted the 'cards to talk' like in poker.You lay your hand down, people vote if it makes sence and thats it. If you have a headline you know will need context to pass you can laywer it for a penality before you lay it down (I still dont know what that needs to be, maybe 1/2 the points of the headline rounded down).I think the next closest is 'Fluxx', and the rules to that game are on the table at all times. You get a hand of 5 cards (with a word(s) on it, and a point value), you can discard up to 3 (like in poker) and then you have to construct a headline that makes sence and follows english grammar (at least as much as any headline does...'WAR OVER!! If you play an 'exclusive' card it doubles the point value of the headline. However the players dont interact with each other at all as far as the cards go.

If half or more of the players think the headline dosent make sence, you have to pick it up and construct a new one. Its a great party game but you can't directly effect another player. All you can do is decide their headline dosent make sence.

The decisions that each makes will lead to one of more than twenty endings in which either the wolf succeeds or the pigs get their revenge for that time he blew their homes away.