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Her closet is a well-organized operation with military-grade precision. She has an accessories closet that housed her bags, hats and shoes.She invested in a custom-built closet in her spare guest bedroom which stored even more shoes and a ton of dresses. Her sweaters (and yes, even socks) are all folded nicely.Over the weekend, Max Mara ambassador Natalie Joos and I raided each other’s apartments –mine in the Financial District, hers in Williamsburg. There are very few “street style” stars who wear clothes in a personal kind of way. Her wardrobe is a terrific mix of the latest and the greatest, upcoming designers and of course, a ton of vintage pieces.She’s a HUGE champion of vintage shopping — she also took me to one of her favorite vintage stores in Brooklyn.How true is the story that Bryanboy (Bryan Yambao) is wanted in the U. Over the past weeks, Bryanboy has been spending time in Europe, which has fueled speculations of the said story. His victims of the alleged fraud even include high profile celebrities, such as Hollywood actresses.

'You're a role model for people all over the world that may in fact want to be you.The article detailed how Bryanboy rose from a nobody to a buzzword in the international fashion industry through his blog, fearless comments, connections, and photos of his fashion sense.As to how he was able to afford high-end bags and clothes remains questionable.Someone will move eventually—maybe even both of you. What can we do to keep our relationship not boring? __Whenever things get dull, I ask myself: When was the last time I did something for the first time? Carly Rae Jepsen sang it best: If he doesn't give you his phone number, then perhaps you should give him yours and wait for him to call you.