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That is the name of the irreversible operation in which a surgeon transforms parts of a penis and scrotum into a vagina, clitoris and labia.

Across America, doctors, hospitals and clinics that perform these transgender surgeries report a boom in demand, according to reported 1.4 million American adults now identity as trans — or if they are deciding to pursue surgery before President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress make good on threats to scrap the Affordable Care Act.

“This is why, at the Mount Sinai Health System, we have created a multi-specialty center for transgender surgery where patients can receive the highest quality surgical care in a culturally-sensitive, high-volume, tertiary care center.”Culturally insensitive folks, including far too many health care professionals, tend to ask transgender people, “have you had ‘the surgery?

’” That question is frowned upon because being trans is “not about what’s between your legs, but what’s between your ears,” as Chaz Bono famously said.

She spoke to GO via email.“These surgeries include a wide variety of procedures with individual complication rates which correlate with the particular surgery in question and with the surgeon involved.

Rates can vary from rare to as much as 30 percent in urethral lengthening procedures,” she wrote.

It constantly reminds me this is not yet finished this is not a functional aesthetic representation of the female anatomy,” Simpson told GO in a phone interview.“Complications are a possibility in any surgery, no matter how simple the surgery and GCS is most certainly not simple,” said Dr.