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20-Jul-2017 04:57

It’s for this reason that I started e-Cyrano online dating profile writing in 2003 – to help singles stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind profile that attracts more attention from higher quality prospects.

And it’s for reason that I share with you this article that exonerates my position that good profiles matter.

When I talk about how much online dating profiles matter, the immediate pushback is that people are all about photos and that profiles don’t matter at all. It’s like saying that a 1.9 GPA wouldn’t matter if you had a 1300 SAT score. A great profile is what will make someone choose you over the scores of other similarly attractive people.

A cute face and decent body will get you in the door.

Some of them messaged me solely to tell me my profile was too long.

I cut it down by a paragraph and took out anything I felt was superfluous, but kept the most interesting aspects of my life in there. My response rate and and the rate at which women messaged me, stayed the same.

Just think about it for a second: I’m browsing women online. I don’t have the bandwidth to write to 50 women at once, much less at all. The attractive woman with the best profile, not the most attractive woman with the shittiest profile. They are largely stupid, shallow men, so you need not worry about them.

Men of substance are looking for women of substance – even when we’re trying to get laid as well.

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I can think of one word to describe my experience - "outstanding".

Such is the power of taking the time to figure out what makes you unique and what someone else gets out of dating you.

Presuming that someone does find you attractive online, a well-written online dating profile matters a LOT. but when I had written fairly lengthy profiles.… continue reading »

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