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07-May-2017 12:49

They trust their gut feelings and if they do not, they quickly learn to because they realize that their hunches are usually correct.

Pisces downfall is their sensitivity and their inability to reject another person.

Once they aware this is why they are doing it, it will be easier to kick the habit. She can see right through a man and she is not easy to fool, so any man better be straight with her and not lead her on, because instead of confronting him, she will simply disappear.

Pisces are not the pushovers that they may seem, in fact they have strength of character and will stand up for what they believe in and and they can do hard work for something they believe in. She makes a man feel like a man because of her need for a protector and leader. She needs to nurture and will give the man orders, but only for his own good.

They need other people to keep them grounded and on the right track. This is the weak spot of Pisces but any friend of this zodiac sign should know that although they are attracted to people with severe problems who desperately need help, this actually does more harm them good.

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Pisces like adventure, new situation and social events.

They have extreme compassion and they feel the pain of others.

If something is wrong in the world that affects them, it affects them deeply, they take it to heart and feel extreme feelings regarding the matter.

They want people in their life who stir their emotions because this helps them to practice emotional stability.

The inner conflict of Pisces is extremes of temperament and conflicting emotions.

The Pisces personality is hard to pin down, it is very mysterious and elusive.

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