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In Scotland they usually answer to the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliament and in Wales to the National Assembly for Wales. The term "government agency" or "administrative agency" usually applies to one of the independent agencies of the United States government, which exercise some degree of independence from the President's control.

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The functions of an agency are normally executive in character, since different types of organizations (such as commissions) are most often constituted in an advisory role—this distinction is often blurred in practice however.

Because the Constitution does not expressly mention federal agencies (as it does the three branches), some commentators have called agencies the "headless fourth branch" of the federal government.

However, most independent agencies are technically part of the executive branch, with a few located in the legislative branch of government.

From the 1980s, as part of New Public Management, several countries including Australia and the United Kingdom developed the use of agencies to improve efficiency in public services.

The General Secretariat for Macedonia and Thrace (Greek: Γενική Γραμματεία Μακεδονίας-Θράκης), previously Ministry for Macedonia and Thrace (Greek: Υπουργείο Μακεδονίας-Θράκης) is a government agency of the Hellenic Republic that is responsible for the Greek regions of Macedonia and Thrace.

By enacting the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) in 1946, Congress established some means to oversee government agency action.

A government agency may be established by either a national. several countries including Australia and the United Kingdom developed the use of agencies to.… continue reading »

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