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For it not only com- mands a view of a stretch of scenery that would otherwise pass unnoticed by the voyager along the highway below, but also it marks the point of crossing at Emigrant Gap, so named from the his- torical fact that it was at that point the pioneers on their slow, painful journey from the East to the newly found El Dorado by the Pacific Ocean crossed over into Bear Valley on their way to the mining regions from wliich were un- earthed the fabulous fortunes that have made California history. They conceived the grand idea of giving a big dinner at Mr. The particular spot where this observa- tion station is located is a peculiarly advantageous one. Gentis had accepted many invita- tions to dinner from mutual friends and in conseciuence felt under obligation to do something in return. He could take off his glasses and then he wouldn't see his friends. The' boys suggested there was no need for embarrassment. The last course was individual line runs from Spaulding via Sacramento lemon pie — and it was some pie — to hear and Stockton. In the cl the Southern Paciflc on i i Our Bear Valley -Lake Spaulding Regi Attractions of The San Francisco Examiner, in a spe- cial section of its issue of Sunday, August 3d, made a double-page feature of views of the principal scenic attractions upon the traveled highways leading over the summit of the Sierra Nevada. The committee in charge has also been providing occasional fifteen-minute en- tertainments, and well-known singers and talkers have appeared during the luncheon hour and have received heartv welcome, pictures. Lisberger, whose match last year brought the crowd to its feet time and again. Szczepanski is with us again from across the seas and will unques- tionably bid high for first honors. Panoramic view of the Lake Spaulding region taken from Paciflc Gas and Electric Company's lookout stat pioneer days, the emigrant trail crossed on its way to the mines of Grass Valley and Nevada City. There are additional attractions of newspapers, periodicals, dominoes, cards and conversation. Dodge are going to play, though "Jack" has hardly touched a racquet this year.

Prom- inent among the illustrations displayed were views of our company's observation station on Lincoln Highway above Emi- grant Gap, Bear Valley and the Spaulding region from this station, and Lake Spaulding itself with its 260-foot con- crete dam through which the waters of the South Yuba are backed up into a ()S,900-acre-foot reservoir, which is the mainstay of the "Pacific Service" system in that region for both power and irri- gation purposes. "Pacific Service" Ninth Annual Tennis Tournament The Ninth Annual Handicap Singles Tennis Tournament will be held Saturday afternoon and Sunday, October 4 and At the present writing no courts have been selected, but the name will be flashed through by "Pacific Wireless" ample time for every one to try them ou^ in advance. We understand that both gen- tlemen are in strict training for this year's event. Mayfield, of the San Francisco District, with a little practice, should give a good account of himself. A number of entries are expected from the Oakland District and they will undoubtedly give a good account of them- selves.

Once safely down into Bear Valley, how- ever, the rest of their journey was comparatively easy going. So, very carefully worded invitations were sent out announcing that "Tony and Louie respectfully invite you to a dinner at Louie's, p. In the left hand corner was the word "Informal." Mr.

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