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22-May-2017 01:54

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Like, that's not something you want to spring on your spouse on the honeymoon, ya know?

Of course, what everyone really wants to know is - what does Jana think about love and relationships?

I stumbled onto the Duggars accidentally—curious about the little children I saw wandering around a construction site during one of their earliest TLC specials, when the family was building their 7,000-square-foot Arkansas home. I'm not the only one; their show, (well, it started at 17 kids, then 18, and could very well hit 20), is now in its eighth season.

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“We want a big family,” Jill told PEOPLE of her and Derick’s family plans.“Sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules,” he acknowledged after they were filmed accidentally sharing a brief full embrace after Joy accepted his proposal. That was a real hard try.” Engagement: Hand holding is permitted.After Derick Dillard popped the question to Jill Duggar in 2014, the two were excited to move to the next phase of their relationship.As Jill announced her engagement to Derick Dillard (the wedding is set for June) and Jessa entered into a courtship with Ben Seewald, the family is gearing up for a season of celebration—and even more public visibility.

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Seasoned veterans of reality TV, the Duggars have grown quite comfortable in the public eye.

Your hubby comes home after a hard day’s work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you,” Michelle said on . As a source close to the family told PEOPLE in the midst of scandal regarding Josh and his wife, Anna: “Divorce is not even something that will be discussed.