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Fox then left victorious as Andross' base exploded abaft him.

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Only James's wingman, Peppy Hare, managed to limp home in his badly damaged starfighter.

As the only survivor of the original Star Fox Team, Peppy insisted that the young Fox take on the leadership of the group and form a new team of pilots.

Thrust into the leadership role that he wasn't prepared for, Fox recruited the hot-tempered Falco Lombardi and the mechanical genius Slippy Toad to make up the new Star Fox Team.

Despite the protests of his team, Fox faced Andross alone.

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After Fox vanquished him, Andross self-destructed, inclined to take Fox with him.Fox was raised by his father on Corneria, but he was born on Papetoon.He exhibited exceptional aerial skills and even ground-based combat skills at a young age and joined the Cornerian Flight Academy along with Slippy Toad, Bill Grey and possibly Falco Lombardi.Peppy returned from the incident as the sole survivor to apprise Fox of his father's fate.

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