Dating attached women

19-Apr-2017 16:19

Now in saying all this though, if the opportunity arose for no-strings attached sex, honestly I might take it or I might not it depending on my mood but I wouldn't really actively seek it..... I guess some men see things differently, as do some women. As for the Op, reasonable question ...easy to answer.

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The other person should be there to participate, not just to be used; otherwise, it just holds no appeal for me. I wasn't going to put my two cents in -- just crack a joke about how funny NB is but figure it would come out wrong and ruffle everyone's feathers, you know funny in person but not so funny written down sort of thing.NO STRINGS doesn't always mean the same thing to everybody but as an older woman, I must also agree with UGD..we may or may not have done in the past is not necessarily something we are willing to put ourselves through again.Be it 14, 24, or 34....things we did when we were younger have left imprints on our souls and caused us to find some things less than acceptable at this point in our lives.'re opening a can of worms here nb native and I LOVE it. I want more..strings attached sex means no emotional/spiritual committment, no security, no's a lot like having a great meal without the dessert. Well said, UG; I don't know if it's possible to express it any better than that. Aside from saying "I agree," there isn't really much I could add. It's a great topic, though, and thanks to nb native for starting it.