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He handed it back to the waitress and told her that he is not going to pay for this piss.She haughtily took the glass, looked into it and then poured the beer over his face. I bought it a few days ago." "It looks great on you." "Thanks. "Not everyone appreciates foreign movies," she replied playfully. The previews started, and we turned our attention towards the big screen. A while after, I realized the movie was much more entertaining than I had expected. The lead female character, a police detective, had just gotten naked for the first time. To the surprise of everyone in the audience, the female character got down on her knees and began to perform oral sex on a guy. The oral sex scene was still going on, and I saw my mother licking her lips again. My mother thought it was a funny comment, but she contained her laughter. We have such great chemistry together." I was slightly taken aback by my mother's choice of words that we had 'chemistry' together. The lights started to dim just as I saw my beautiful mother smiling at me. Nearly an hour into the movie, the first major sex scene began. Maybe it was the saltiness of the popcorn, I thought. It's going to be fun." My mother took a final sip of the wine, stood up, and gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek. I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to think that we were a couple." "She did have a point though. That's definitely a good sign." When my mother finally acknowledged that she knew I had been looking at her cleavage, I felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock. " I was surprised that my mother asked if I had plans. We started to eat while watching the different commercials on the big screen. People who eat loudly in a movie theater are the same class of people who use their cell phones during the movie. "You know, to be honest, this is the most fun I've had in a long time." "Really? I hadn't realized how much she enjoyed the evening. Not only were we watching a hardcore sex act on a giant theater screen, but my mother looked like she was getting aroused. I wished I could have relieve myself, but I couldn't. Plus you've been glancing at my cleavage since we got here. "That dress is eye catching." She smiled, "Don't be so uptight. " "Yeah." "If that's the case, do you have any other plans tonight? "Not like they used to." The container of popcorn was on my lap because she didn't want any stains on her expensive dress. " "The chewing." "Yeah, I think that's really annoying also. You rescued me from being miserable after my date canceled at the last minute." I could tell from her voice that she was genuinely touched. The level of discomfort I felt reached a whole new level. My own arousal also grew as the explicit sex scene continued. "I guess artsy French movies aren't as popular as they used to be," I joked when we sat down. When I looked at my mother to reply, I saw her licking her lips.

But they're not my type." "You'll find someone soon. This time, her attempt was successful, and she took a big bite of the popcorn in her hand. "You're the one with the hard-on." There was no rebuttal to my mother's humiliating comment.

Women these days mostly care about their phones and their online status. I just like to go out and do normal stuff." "So there aren't any college girls who like doing normal stuff and aren't obsessed with their phones? Or they're already dating someone." "If only the women of this world could realize what a wonderful & sexy man you are," she said playfully. She turned her attention away from me and took another sip of her wine. "You sound like you have regrets," I replied, nearly doing an impression of a therapist. I've turned down a lot of really good men over the years. Sometimes it's because I thought someone better would come along." "Well, you deserve the best." She took another sip of wine. Before I could prevent her from touching me, she accidentally reached down and felt my hard cock again. I guess so." "Looks like you're enjoying this film more than I am." I shrugged. I watched as she slide her hand beneath her dress, towards her thigh. I glanced at her face and she licked her lips again.

"Well, of course there are, but they're hard to find. "I've always been raised to be an independent woman. And maybe I set my standards too high for what a good man is." There was a brief look of sadness in her eyes when she spoke. When I was your age, all I had to do was put on a tshirt and jeans, and I was able to turn every head in the neighborhood. Now, I'm a little older." "You know, some guys actually prefer older women," I replied, trying to comfort her. It felt like an innocent act of eating popcorn had suddenly become a game of sexual roulette. The movie had some very interesting dramatic scenes. Her hand roamed around the darkness, dangerously close to my privates. We continued watching the movie, and in the corner of my eye, I saw it: My mother began to rub her leg in the dark.

I was glad we didn't have to do any weird date night activities. You realize that there's going to be subtitles, don't you? "I didn't realize that you had grown to become a more sophisticated person." "What can I say? The movie is supposed to be intelligent & artistic, which I really like. I can drink more than most men, and I still won't feel drunk." "Really? "That's a promise I intend to keep." Part 2 of 3: Movie Theater Fun Since my mother had paid for the fancy restaurant meal, it was only fair that I paid for the movie tickets.

I actually love those kinds of movies." "You don't mind that it's French right? "Believe me, I have a very high tolerance for alcohol. "Just promise me you won't get drunk and act like a complete slob." She took another sip of wine, then she winked at me. The look in her eyes, and the tone in her voice put me in an impossible position. It was bright red, sleek (which showcased her voluptuous body), and it even showed her cleavage. I wasn't sure if she had actually caught me though, and I tried my best to act natural. "I assumed you were couple because of the way you two had been looking at each other all night. I apologize if I did." My mother smiled at the young waitress. As soon as the waitress turned around, my mother and I gave each other a surprised look, like we were holding back our laughter. "If anyone texts during the movie, I expect you to go tell the manager." "Maybe we'll get free tickets for next time." "Maybe." We continued eating the popcorn. Both of us were always busy, so it was nice to go out and do something with her. After all, the movie was supposed to be a thriller, which it was. She also gave me a tight hug, and she thanked me for going. To my surprise, my mother had changed into a different dress. Everything looks really good." "Maybe you have your eyes on something that's not on the menu? There was a slightly mischievous look on her face, as if she had caught me glancing at her breasts. Thank you." The waitress gave another nice smile before leaving. You're dressed like you're on a date." "Are you talking about these? I playfully chewed the popcorn loudly, which I knew annoyed her. They need to be kicked out." "I agree wholeheartedly," she replied, taking more bites of popcorn. I was also getting more aroused when the lead female actress was bent over, naked, and taking it from behind. I briefly thought about going to the bathroom to masturbate so I wouldn't have a weird bulge in my pants. After the sex scene ended, the movie went back to telling a story."You look great tonight," I said, sitting down next to her.

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