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In order to evaluate the potential matrix effect between different minerals, a 91500 zircon was used as external standard during analyses.

The results show that, compared to the recommended ages, approximately 7–15% younger ages were yielded for the analyzed coltan samples in both single spot and line raster scan analytical methods, indicating a significant matrix effect between coltan and zircon.

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If you’re looking for country dating at its finest, you’re at the right place!However, by using a coltan standard from Namibia (Coltan139), the coltan sample from Dahe pegmatite (SNNT) has a weighted mean U age of 363 ± 4 Ma (2σ, n = 25) and 357 ± 5 Ma (2σ, n = 20) in single spot and line raster scan analytical methods, respectively; the coltan samples from Altai No.3 pegmatite (713-79), Yichun topaz-lepidolite granite (Yi-1) and Huangshan albite granite (LS-15) have weighted mean U ages of 218 ± 2 Ma (2σ, n = 20), 160 ± 1 Ma (2σ, n = 20) and 130 ± 1 Ma (2σ, n = 20), respectively, in single spot mode.These ages agree well with the previously published data, and hence support the reliability of our analytical method.Thank you for your understanding as we hope to hear from you soon.