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Amini tested Nanaya’s algorithm by meeting up at coffee shops with people he had recruited as volunteers for the study through ads on classifieds site Craigslist.He asked them detailed questions about their love lives and ran their data.An early version of Nanaya will be available at the end of February, and it is likely to evolve as more data comes in from users. “I’ll definitely do it,” he says, once he finishes developing the prototype. Here are a few of the questions Nanaya will ask users when it launches: Do you enjoy talking to strangers? The results were correlated with their Facebook activity (PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1418680112).On the basis of between 100 and 150 Facebook likes, the team’s algorithm could determine someone’s personality more accurately than could their friends and family, and nearly as well as their spouse.This is your second warning sign, but again, it’s a clue, not necessarily a sure fire sign, so keep going with an open mind, but be vigilant at this stage. Paid online dating sites scour their membership bases for scammers, and the technology used is so sophisticated that it could be a matter of seconds until a scammer is caught and thrown off the site.To counteract this, scammers say to you that they would rather communicate with you through personal emails, instant messaging and texts, rather than through the dating site.“In the past, my research has looked at how accurately people can judge each other’s personalities,” says Youyou Wu at Cambridge, one of the study’s authors.“It’s surprising that computers can do better using just one piece of information – likes.” In 2013, the same group found that Facebook likes can predict private personal information like sexuality.

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“Matchmaking algorithms are probably possible in principle, but they would likely need to incorporate data assessed after, not before, two people have met each other,” he says. Would you consider dating someone from your workplace? How far away would a person have to be that it would impact the quality of a relationship? A team at Stanford University in California and the University of Cambridge used data from a questionnaire filled out by 86,000 people that identified their “big five” personality traits.As online dating popularity continues to soar, unfortunately the number of people falling for online dating scams is growing at an alarming number, too.According to the latest stats from Action Fraud, online dating fraud in the UK cost victims a The easiest way to avoid falling for online dating scams is to wise up.“I was going through a break-up and it was something to turn my attention to.” Amini’s former job involved tweaking mission parameters to find the optimal conditions for success in NASA’s now-shelved Constellation programme, which looked at building bases on the moon or Mars.