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05-Jun-2017 08:52

Scammers have also begun to use robocalls with fake caller IDs to sell the fraudulent remote computer repairs. taxpayers out of millions " The tech scams are becoming more common, with two out of three internet users affected in the previous 12 months, according to a 2016 Microsoft survey.

Beyond the initial fee, the tech support scammers may take advantage of remote computer access to view online bank accounts and other sensitive financial information to directly take money from the victims. A report by Stony Brook University found that more than 85 percent of the tech scammers were based in India, where many U. companies outsource for legitimate information technology support.

"Please contact my office if you want to determine whether a call or message is a scam." The Federal Trade Commission and the FBI received more than 41,000 remote tech scam complaints through the first nine months of 2017, resulting in more than million in losses, according to the Better Business Bureau report.

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After subscribing, members have unlimited access to’s complete functionality.Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan also warned computer users to be wary."Do not respond to any communications claiming your computer has a problem—do not click on pop-up ads or email attachments and hang up immediately on calls; these are scams," Madigan said in a news release.match Mobile makes it easy to take the online dating experience anywhere.