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12-Mar-2017 15:19

I’ve signed up for a lot of labor intensive, harebrained pastry experiments in the past, but enfleurage has proved the most ludicrous.56 comments 2⋅8⋅2012 Despite doing the work of a pastry chef for the last few years, I avoided the title whenever possible. I can’t tell you why you should use a scale, only why I do.67 comments 8⋅14⋅2011 Americans have enjoyed Oreos since 1912; yet our generation seems to have a uniquely powerful nostalgic yearning for them.

Like people who claim they’re not “chocolate people” but have only eaten Hershey’s or Godiva. 31 comments 6⋅7⋅2011 Are you ready for a Total Eclipse of the Tart?

“The first rule of Food Blogging is you do not talk about food blogging.

Archives. Welcome to the vault. No clever organizational scheme here, just a massive listing of all my blog posts. If you'd rather browse through desserts instead.… continue reading »

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