Speed dating design research

22-Oct-2017 02:07

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In light of these findings, the researchers presented some advice to potential online daters: “Choose wisely and, if possible, be female” (Fiore et al., 2010).This study also leads to some intriguing design ideas for online dating sites’ automatic matching systems, which present users with sets of likely partners.However, these fixed choice descriptors allow users to triage by easily weeding out those who don’t meet their dealbreaker criteria for a partner (Fiore et al., 2008).Researchers believe that users make up for the lack of information in online profiles by filling in the blanks with guesses based on small pieces of information.In general, women really are pickier than men — listing smaller ranges in their preferences for age and ethnicity.Women also initiate and reply to contact less than men.

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In particular, women and men differ in the relative importance they assign to various attributes of potential partners.

Come share your work and learn about the diverse research going on in the CEE department in an event that is all about asking questions and making connections.

UCL staff members are invited to sign up for UCL’s first ‘research speed dating’ event on 9 December 2005 from 4pm-6.30pm in the Old Refectory.… continue reading »

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Speed dating originated in 1998 as an efficient way for prospective romantic partners to meet each other Deyo & Deyo, 2003; however, the method was co-opted by the.… continue reading »

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From Dating to Mating and Relating Predictors of Initial and Long-Term Outcomes of Speed-Dating in a Community Sample. dating research design In speed-dating.… continue reading »

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The speed dating design also lets researchers to study both sides of a dyadic process. A speed dating event with 20 participants would yield 400 separate interactions, allowing researchers to create very detailed accounts of people’s attractions.… continue reading »

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