Sexchat with bot

01-Jun-2017 15:36

“ Those policies will also prohibit “the things that you would expect policies around,” Douglas says, including “hate speech and that sort of thing.” When I asked if Google would allow something like a sex chat bot, Douglas demurred from giving a hard no, but it sounds like the available actions will hew more closely to app store policies than the the wild, open web.“The full policies will be published,” Douglas says. [There are] general policies around acceptable behavior.” Another nuance worth noting is that there are two different of actions: direct and conversational.That whole conversation actually be with the Google assistant, though.Once you say the keyword for a third-party action, you’ll start talking to that company’s bot instead of Google’s.

The bot can be configured with an RSS feed of your choosing for regular chat updates.

Though the company wouldn’t say when Home and the Google Assistant would be fully open to third-party developers beyond “early next year,” some partners that have already been working with the company could announce new actions in the coming weeks.

The actions will let you ask the speaker a question and then have a chat about it — the example Google gave in October was ordering an Uber, then clarifying you want an Uber XL.

That effectively means that actions will be curated by Google (like an app store), but users won’t have to install anything before using them (like the web).

“It's not a direct analog to any existing ecosystem,” says Jason Douglas, director for actions on Google.

It will post the news items at regular intervals whilst checking if there is more recent information available at the source for your flash chat. Active traders will appreciate the ability to swap out feeds on the fly and get rapid updates from a broad spectrum of standard services.