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15-Mar-2017 19:32

If I have to enter information separately in all 3 tables that will take longer and I am unsure to whether it will create problems in the db.

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 Uses a single table that doesnt have a relationship to any other table.That's the only way I can figure why "only thing this changes is what is displayed" not "how the form modifies the table." Because certainly, a bound Form with Data Entry set to No, and Allow Edits set to Yes _does indeed_ change "how the form modifies the table," unless something has been done to "interfere" with the normal workings of bound forms.Larry Linson Microsoft Access MVP The form is a bound form to a table.I have created a input form that enters a number in a talble.

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If I open the form again it enters a new record instead of editing the existing record.Discuss MS Access Updating a Form from Multiple Tables in the MS Access forum on Tutorialized.MS Access Updating a Form from Multiple Tables MS Access forum covering the database-based application that is often used for small database tasks.It seems like it should be very basic but I see no way to do it other than a complicated macro. It does not change how the form modifies the table.

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