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21-Feb-2018 13:21

Before proceeding: This is how facebook authorization process will work. So in the figure you are seeing how authentication will work in your site. Firstly you’ve to setup a facebook application to get the application id. Or if you have already setup a facebook application then just copy the application id and replace with xxxxxxxxxxx.Remember oauth: true is new addition in this latest javascript sdk that enables your site for OAuth 2.0 authentication.

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At some point last Friday evening I started coding and didn’t stop until sometime mid-Monday.

So I updated my previous tutorial by writing this new post.

In this post I’ll show you using javascript how could you easily integrate facebook connect (login/logout) features in your site.

In the demo’s source code you’ll see Additionally if you use PHP SDK 3.0 or this new way of javascript sdk to authenticate your site you can enable o Auth Migration in the application setting.

Hope it will help you to understand new javascript sdk.

When I have some time I plan on making a Java Script-based web app framework out of this – which should be pretty cool.