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Not all men care about, or pursue, such expectations of masculinity. Those men who are heavily invested in climbing to the top of the ladder of masculinity have to prove they’re tough and in control.

They have to avoid weakness and vulnerability at all costs.

The methodology is intended to create responsible attitudes by challenging existing behaviour: yet programmes are often presented to men by women in a blaming, punitive environment, which is immediately counter-productive.

Violence by both sexes is included in the discussion, by stating that the different gendered forms of violence are opposite sides of the same coin.

Psychological theories have argued for years that covering up, and denying painful, dark feelings leads to horrible behaviours such as addictions, violence and abuse.

Social myths about how to be a man are full of messages that men must suppress most of their feelings, never talk about them, never show them – even if they want to.

These discussions will stem from international research and interviews I have conducted over the last ten years with women (as victims) and men (as perpetrators).

Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Batterer Treatment Programs The Faulty Duluth Model The "Duluth Model"Power and Control Wheel A version for female perpetrators.

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For centuries the male thrust of society has been peopled from all walks of life directing men, showing them how to act out the “man” role.

Domestic violence is a people problem, not a gender issue.