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When applied to a situation, a bumblefuck is one that was probably designed by a whole circus of bumblefucks, and thus should be avoided wherever possible.

BUMFUCK: Forget the obvious definition, which is... A 'bumfuck' can also be a 'bum fuck': that is, someone with whom it is not much fun to share a sleeping bag.

Book editor's note: outside the pages of Erica Jong's novel FUCKBRAIN: A person whose brains have 'gone to fuck', and not because they want to have sex. In theory, this sex is wildly enjoyable, and totally free of complications and commitments. FUCK-DUST: A multipurpose word, which originated in the 1950s as a description of stuff that simply wasn't up to scratch.

FUCKNUT(S): See FUCKNOB, but replace 'penis' with 'testicles' (easier than it sounds).

FINGERFUCK: A social activity in which a finger—or more: adjust according to taste—becomes an explorer, if you like, of dark caverns.