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05-May-2017 06:39

The role won me the Best Supporting Actress at the annual Nollywood 2015 African Film Critics’ Awards, which were held annually in Los Angeles.In the film, I play the character of Didi, a woman desperate to find love.I was invited to perform at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in New York. Growing up, I was not sure I wanted to be a DJ, but I always had this special pull.Whenever I watched a DJ performing, I was drawn to the decks. I learnt by observing others and from friends who were already in the industry. In fact, I got into the Kenyan TV and film industry right out of high school.I just woke up and left without telling anyone and went to New york, knowing no one or where exactly I was going. You have made a name for yourself as a DJ, an industry that was once male-dominated. I had my big break three years ago when I got my first international gig.

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She however went on to add that the fella had to work his way out of friendzone before she fell in love.Her singing may have been a subject of trolling on social media recently but she remains upbeat about her new direction. Whenever I see something on the street Question: If you were to slap someone today who would it be and why? Despite her several years in the limelight, there are still things about the curvaceous lass you may or may not know. I am not really a violent person but I really hate drivers who do not obey traffic rules. During this time she realized that she was pregnant and unlike many women, she chose to love herself for the sake of her unborn child.