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26-Jul-2017 12:28

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You can miss key information that will be vital to your case.A professional patent search would be the best option, but there is nothing wrong with performing one yourself.You can also research the history of similar products to learn more about the patent process.

Google’s ability to source information regarding older patents will be very helpful.The Google tool will not enable you to search for specific terms within patents or a patent application.The database is a bit undeveloped and does not provide information about recent patents or applications.If you hit a brick wall with USPTO, then log onto Free Patents online to continue your search.

Free Patents Online will prove to be a very valuable resource in your search.Every entrepreneur can benefit from performing a patent search because it will expose you to the products that are similar to yours.If you find a product that closely resembles your own, you may decide to come up with a new invention altogether.I have attempted to test the validity of the technique for establishing dates for UK radio sets by cross-referencing various UK radio sets against issue dates for their assosciated patents. You can even read the original patents if you are interested!

This document was inspired by a list published at the last US patent number granted in each year, as a tool for use in establishing the earliest possible date of manufacture for any given radio set displaying patent numbers. This is my UK / GB equivalent of the list presented on.… continue reading »

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