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This makes vectors incredibly useful for design purposes, creating icons and logos which will need to be scaled to a number of sizes (and which in future can be scaled beyond current requirements). NET and the GIMP are not vector editors, and instead specialised software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW is required to design, render and export these graphics to traditional raster formats for use on the web, with existing projects or in print.

Vector graphics use simple shapes, lines and curves based on vectors (also known as paths or strokes) and the current W3C standard comes in the form of the Scalable Vector Graphics format, or . Vectors are great for creating diagrams, charts, posters, magazines, and scaleable artwork.

The best example of this is seen when scaling up a raster, which “stretches” the image to the point where unsightly pixelation occurs.

Conversely, vector graphics can be scaled up and down infinitely, as the software merely re-draws the image based on the new instructions.

Illustrator’s UI looks like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise by comparison, and while seasoned vector veterans will be pining for the advanced features that are absent here, if you need a simple logo for your low-to-no-budget project, you can do a lot worse than Draw Berry. SVG support isn’t great, so this one is best for coming up with your own designs rather than rendering files you find on the web.

Verdict: Despite being ancient and lacking in features, it still works, it’s still free, and it might just do the job if you don’t need a hefty vector editor.

Draw Berry won’t wow you with its Illustrator-beating features or extensive help documentation, but after downloading it just to see if it still works on the latest version of mac OS, it still may be worth a punt.

Adobe Illustrator might be the gold standard when it comes to vector software for the Mac, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to create crisp artwork, diagrams, and concepts.

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