Speed dating with books

18-May-2017 11:36

Each student sat at a table and had 2 minutes to get a brief idea of the book. Most girls will talk for longer than most boys, so if the boys are on one side, you can alter the time accordingly. At end of 2 mins, bell sounded and students had to record brief details of the book – title/author and a rating: truly, madly, deeply/maybe another night darling/sorry you’re not my type. Continued the activity until students had recorded info for about 10 books. In front of each book, forms will be available that allow the reader and patron to write down their first impressions with ‘flirting’ with the book.They can rate their first impressions, thoughts on the author blurb, what they thought after reading the first few pages, etc. Various ways to love books Put out a piles of 6-8 books of various types and genres on several tables and seat them at the tables.Tell them they will have only two minutes to “Speed Browse” the books at their table, (read the first page, last page, back cover, author information, reviews, look at illustrations, etc.), and then have to talk to their tablemates about their impressions of the books individually.

This will get them interacting with books as well as being critical readers and discussing books in connection to themselves as well as thinking about what kinds of things interest them as a reader.

For the month of February, I propose that APLS hosts an ongoing program titled ‘Speed Dating with Books’.

Popular, new, and frequently checked out romance books will be selected from the APLS collection and displayed strategically across a set of tables that are visible upon entering the library.

Students thought it was hilarious and really entered into the spirit of it.

In discussion following the frenzy of the activity, students were amazed to discover how varied their book tastes were. Thanks to Jeananne I have been thinking that it also might work with a compilation of film clips More here and here HA Speedbook dating (designed by Helen (H) and Anne- me (A) for our Book Odyssey evening – we are a bit crazy (HA HA) to try this with Year 8 and 9 students from a boys school and a girls school in one group and also their parents in another group – 70 people in total HA HA ) People sit in 2 rows facing each other. They have one minute to talk about a favourite book. The romance fiction genre is a billion-dollar industry full of powerhouse female writers and readers.However, the displays placement will ensure that patrons do see it upon entering the library.

This score sheet allows students to peruse 25 librarian-selected titles in a "speed date" setting. The books are placed throughout the library or classroom.… continue reading »

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I want to share with you a favorite book selection activity that the kids dig, is super silly and fun, creates a lot of excitement, and makes the books fly.… continue reading »

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