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This one has been preserved in plaster bandages, a technique that Hughes has been working on so he can then proceed to hopefully casting the final object in bronze.

On a shelf lie plaster-cast snowballs, which will eventually find themselves in one of Hughes's cabinet of curiosities.

"Bath was heavily reliant on assistants and bronze casting." Making is something that still engrosses him; the experimentation, the process, is as important as the final object. A circumstance where things can happen."His work has penetrated into the family home, which he shares with partner and painter Clare Woods and his aforementioned children.

Above the cooker hangs a sculpture of brambles, based on a pagan ornament burned after Christmas, found in the nearby countryside.

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"On occasions, in face most weeks, the girls would walk him home from school and pass a garage which has some toilets next to the garage.

The gruesome pair are set to be sentenced on August 19.