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18-Apr-2017 23:38

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So I do understand the idea of the completely “gay anonymous hookup.” At times it involves a guy coming over while you are blindfolded.

He either fucks you, you give him head – or better yet – both!

So don’t let this opportunity pass by to join our adult community.

Thing we can promise you is that you will find someone to fit your taste, whatever it may be; blond, brunette, redhead, busty, slender, bbw, milf, teen.

Then the guy leaves and you never know what he looked like (until you review the video later of course!

) However, this is one of those times when I bet he definitely wished he’d taken that blind fold off!

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Busy professionals who don’t have time for a serious relationship but are in need of the perfect outlet after a hard day’s work, bored housewives who are not getting it at home, naughty singles just looking for some sexual entertainment, nymphomaniac women who just can get enough of it…

Part anecdotal and part inspirational, is also polemical.