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04-Nov-2017 01:29

The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings link Good night!John Piper sure has a way of getting himself heard.My friend was wing woman and ask if he had my number thus I ended up giving it to him on a napkin.

Texting and talking after work is over will show that you both want a more personal relationship. He wasn't yesterday but he was working and basically called him over to ask if he had my number or not (setting it up for me so it's not as awkward) then I just wrote my number on a napkin and g Ave it to him haha.How long do you guys wait to text a girl that u like too??The part about you giving him your number and your friend being involved was really confusing.This latest pronouncement is guaranteed to go down in the annals of bizarre things Piper has said.

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