Quicken citibank not updating

16-Feb-2018 21:54

If you already had a loan when you decided to set the loan up in Quicken, you enter information like how much you’ve already paid on the loan so that Quicken can keep up with you from now until the payoff day.

If you know the current balance of your loan, answer Yes and then enter the balance as of today’s date.

If you don’t enter the balance, Quicken does the calculations and tells you what your balance is within a few pennies.

Clicking Next after you enter your interest rate takes you to the Summary tab, where you can review all of the information you just entered.

I pictured myself setting up (as I had before) a virtual machine running an older version of Mac OS X just to keep Quicken 2007 alive. I have tried nearly every Quicken alternative over the last five years, including Mint and the terrible Quicken Essentials, and none suited me.

Some couldn’t import the full 15 years of data from my Quicken file; others lost valuable information in conversion; and many just didn’t match the way I thought about recording transactions and running reports, something that Quicken had certainly shaped.

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