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Interesting fact: coffee was first served as a beverage in Ethiopia. It sounds odd at first that Jamaicans would think of themselves as a lost tribe of Israel; but the Hebrews and the Ancient Egyptians had a real intriguing relationship. There are different typ of Rasta they say all Rasta smoke Herb. Respect an Bless atravis aka aqueen55No the higher power made all man an woman EQ. Mi no smoke is the spiritual and Knowlaedge that is in the heart of one We all bleed the culour Red. The religion started with Marcus Garvey's prophecy to look towards Africa for the crowning of the king.

The whole idea of baby Moses coming along down a stream where the Pharoah's daughter just so happensto find him sounds suspicious to me. Mi no smoke is the spiritual and Knowlaedge that is in the heart of one We all bleed the culour Red. What the Rastas believe is Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity with a MAJOR Jamaican slant on Marcus Garvey's ACL's principles.

The Kebra Nagast states "there shall be no more queens in Ethiopia, but only a man." Here she is portrayed telling Solomon, "Henceforward a man who is of thy seed shall reign, and a woman shall nevermore reign; only seed of thine shall reign and his seed after him." The Flalasha and Falasha Muir also known as Beta Isreal, believe themselves to be the descendents of the house of those escorts and have practiced Judaism for milliniums.

The royal family of Ethiopia were Ahmhara, the Amhara believe themselves to be the descendents of the Makeda/Solomon union.

"Going back" to Ethiopia isnt that big a thing anymore, at least that's what I heard since Salassi died.

[email protected] Rastraferian is a bit of joke to them too.anticon, I never heard it was in Ethiopia either..I guess I learn something new everyday. A very well kept secret in western society is that Batsheba and Solomon were black.

Never again would Solomon encounter or love a woman he could call her equal.

So was just wondering if anybody knew if that's true or not?

One Love..:) There are a lot of people who call themselves Rastafarians because of the belief in herbal remedies and knowledge (particularly cannabis).

This shows the value of the love of a good woman and the folly of letting that love pass ...holla if you feel me. Upon returning home, she gave birth to a son, whom she named Ibn al-Hakim, "son of the wise man." Ethiopians believe him to be David II (the name given him by Solomon), who later called himself Menelek, and who was the first king of the Ethiopian dynasty.

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The Kebra Negast states that when Menelek was 12 years old, he began asking his mother about his father, and that when he was 22, he traveled to Jerusalem, bearing the ring which Solomon had given Makeda.Because Menelek's facial features, eyes, legs and gait were similar to his father's, Solomon recognized him instantly.Rejoicing in his firstborn male heir, he wanted Menelek to be his successor, but Menelek refused.And if you can get a place at their table, your skincolour, et al. they'll stand by you like you were one of their own. Since one of the main things is that they believe themselves to be the true Israelites, I'm not so sure how much a nonblack person can be Rastaferian; but its really loose; they dont really have leaders.

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