Things to ask someone you just started dating

11-Jun-2017 08:22

3) An aversion to touch doesn’t always mean an aversion to sex. I can’t go into too much detail myself as I don’t have a constant aversion to touch.

I’ve met plenty of autistic people who don’t do hugs, avoid most forms of physical contact and still manage to maintain sexual relationships.

I can see the benefits of dating someone who is on the autism spectrum.

I wouldn’t have to explain the difficulties I face on a daily basis and I’d be less anxious of being dumped purely because I have Asperger’s.

I’ve already encountered this situation with many of my autistic friends, and having that kind of argument with a lover could only be worse.

6) We are very capable of love and affection; sometimes we’re just bad at expressing it.

I love hugs and can be very affectionate when I’m in a relationship.

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It would be unfair and prejudice to assume an autistic person does not have sex simply because they prefer handshakes to hugs.There is even a website adults with Asperger’s Syndrome searching for likeminded individuals.However, it would be extremely limiting to suggest autistic people should only date others who are on the spectrum.Furthermore, entering the game late isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, as the above example should indicate.

2) Not everyone on the spectrum has an aversion to touch. It’s true that while some people on the autism spectrum dislike physical contact or feel they need large amounts of personal space, that’s just not true of everyone.

I just need to make sure I allow myself plenty of time to recuperate afterwards.

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