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Some of the bigger cabs have cute little floor level windows in the doors, which you can get an advance view through.If you see bare legs and a wide open crotch you're probably on to a winner.He was a nice guy in the finish, but it turned out he was new at cab sex and didn't know the rules.Occasionally you get the completely silent come-on. First, you have to find the ashtray with the lights off and the curtains closed (you close the passenger door curtain after you've got in; he will probably switch the light off at the same time if it's on). One time I sat talking and smoking with a guy for a good twenty minutes getting less and less horny by the minute.So if you're not fussy (I'm not) you get whatever's on offer.The best I've managed is three in quick succession in the same layby while a bunch of choosy queens slunk backwards and forwards along the path all night, ignoring each other in case Mister Perfect turned up.Good bets are those which have a phone box (good excuse for cruising up and down to make phone calls), even better are those which have a toilet and facilities block, best of all are those where other hunters are cruising anyway.

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Just what delights are in store for you with the manly drivers of those ninety ton freight trucks that scare you shitless when they appear unexpectedly in the rear-view mirrow and sound the horns of hell to tell you to move the fuck over? Sadly, my research has so far been limited to a handful of night stopping areas along England's green and pleasant motorway and 'A' road networks, so maybe the wild generalizations I make below are not so true in the undoubtedly cruisier USA. What You Will and Will Not Find A liking for sex with lorry drivers means a liking for men over forty.Not knowing how to have man-to-man sex can also be a problem though.Here are some tips: no matter how butch, manly and daddy-ish drivers are in your fevered imagination, in practice they are generally as timid as kittens.Remember that you are not gay either, nor are you bisexual.

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