Flouridating water

01-Jan-2017 06:38

Drudge has always been a darling of the conspiracy crowd, due to his willingness to publish anything and everything without an ounce of background research.

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And from the book “Flight To Arras” by Antoine de Saint Exupery, written in 1942 about a military mission in 1940: The German on the ground knows us by the pearly white scarf which every plane flying at high altitude trails behind like a bridal veil. As the public continues to reject their increasingly paranoid and disjointed message, they turn to the one audience that is surfeit with people that will hungrily devour every morsel of illogical babbling: conspiracy theorists.It is therefore understandable that as attention whores like Breitbart recognize that their egotistic agendas lose traction among reasonable people, they begin to pander to a sector of people who not only believe their rantings, but actively support it with paranoid ramblings of their own.Therefore, it appears that this particular patent most likely is targeted for Africa, which seems to be a major biotech interest.