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11-Jan-2017 16:12

My question is: what is the best way to update grep (or any similar program) for the Mac?I could use Fink or Mac Ports to install a new version and set my path variable to look in the appropriate branch of the file tree, or I could update the grep program in usr/bin, or perhaps there's another approach that I haven't considered.Some users may encounter a kernel panic on boot or during the update as well.Users may be able to remedy a failed update process by rebooting the Mac into Safe Mode (hold down shift key during boot), and then downloading and running through the update again using the Combo Update for OS X 10.11.4.Because I am relatively new to the command line and the Unix back-end of the Mac, I'm concerned about breaking something.That said, I'd certainly be willing to compile the most recent stable release of grep from source and install it in /usr/bin if that's the appropriate method.This can often resolve installation errors and update failures.One common reason for some Macs to kernel panic during the system update is due to a third party kernel extension called SUIDGuard, which hasn’t been updated to support OS X 10.11.4 yet.

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Separate from the Mac, i Phone and i Pad users will find i OS 9.3 available to download, and watch OS 2.2 and tv OS 9.2 are available as well.Apple has released OS X 10.11.4 for Mac users running El Capitan.The new version supports Live Photos in Messages app, password protected Notes, and includes compatibility support for i OS devices running i OS 9.3.So if you want to compile it, place it in # Enable dupe and install brew tap homebrew/dupes brew install homebrew/dupes/grep # Install the perl compatible regular expression library brew install pcre # Add the symlink to a place in $PATH ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/grep/2.14/bin/ggrep /usr/bin/ggrep # Add an alias alias grep="ggrep" # Verify you got it!