What to do when dating in middle school

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Dating in middle school usually means that you like, and you share a mutual atraction and interests, (soccer, writing, art, whatever it is) or like the person because they are physically attractive.To be 'dating' in middle school is not like the real world.*In middle school, when you 'date' you are hanging with someone who is the same, and different than you, if you have a good 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' then they will challenge you, and help you grow as a person.*'Dating' can actually give teens someone that they are close to and trust with everything, and a teen who is having thoughts of suicide (based on polls of our peers) is more likely to tell their current date than their parents or school teacher.So maybe having this emotional support is a good thing.*Lots of people will judge you.Every school or school district will have a limit on the number of tardies or school absences that a student can have in the course of a year.Of course, exceptions can me made for certain circumstances, such as an extended illness.You should never date to please anyone but yourself, but if your beau and besties don't agree, then you need to try to bridge the gap between them, or spend equal time with them.

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Bank Arena for all the action of a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game.

Many private (and some public) schools require school uniforms, and those uniforms may be very casual (khaki's and polos) or formal (jacket and tie).

Public schools that require uniforms are generally very casual, and the clothes can be purchased either online, through the school or at local stores.

Below is a list of likely expectations your child will have to follow.

Just about every school adheres to a dress code, and these codes will vary widely from school to school.

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