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One of the "Hawaiʻi Sons of the Civil War", he was among a group of more than one hundred documented Native Hawaiian and Hawaii-born combatants who fought in the American Civil War while the Kingdom of Hawaii was still an independent nation.

Enlisting in the Union Navy in 1864, he served as sailor aboard the USS Vandalia and the captured Confederate vessel USS Beauregard, maintaining the blockade of the ports of the Confederacy.

In 1870 he wrote the words for ‘Euterpe,’ the cantata by Charles Edward Horsley [q. 280 sq.; A Study of Henry Kendall as a Bush Poet, in Australian Ballads and Rhymes, ed.

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Sitting behind her were her mother, Erma (“who is going to be celebrating her 80th birthday”); her father, Albert; her sisters, Elreathea, Jo Ann, Coleen and Joyce; and her brother, Ray.The 24 women elected to the House that year was the largest number in any single House election, and the three elected to the Senate tripled the number of women senators. If you think that today’s 80% male Congress isn’t good enough, check out Project 100, which is working to elect 100 progressive women to Congress by 2020, the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. As her dad, and as the onetime speechwriter for the first presidential candidate to pick a woman as his running mate, you can imagine how proud I am of her.KENDALL, HENRY CLARENCE (1841–1882), poet of New South Wales, born in Ulladalla district on 18 April 1841, was son of Basil Kendall, by his wife Melinda m'Nally.The pubic hair, she’d taken from page 70 of “The Exorcist.” Long Dong Silver, she’d lifted from a Kansas sexual harassment case. Women who’d also been sexually harassed found in the hearings no reason to be less fearful of telling their stories. Sixteen of his victims had the courage to say he’d harassed or groped them. Kay Ivey, Alabama’s Republican governor, says she’ll vote for him even though she believes his accusers.