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14-May-2017 02:00

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But far more immersive is watching it on your phone via the You Tube Android or i OS app.

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To activate this mode, you first need to choose how you will unlock the screen in the private mode.

Maybe start saving for a new TV for this Christmas? Watch 360º TV For the complete viewing experience, You Tube launched 360º video support back March – videos where you can rotate the viewpoint yourself.

To watch it on a computer you’ll need the Chrome internet browser, allowing you to steer the point-of-view with your mouse.

Their little-known video-on-demand service, for example, offers new(ish) releases for around £10 – you can access it here. Hunt the Easter Eggs Buried deep in the You Tube source code is many a hidden treat or surprise effect – all unlocked via a secret code.

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But there are hundreds of movies available for free as well, some uploaded perfectly legally. For example: * Search for “Use the force Luke” – and you can move the videos around the screen with the force of your mind. * Search for “Beam me up Scotty”, and your search results will appear before you, shimmering as if transported there by portly fake Scot James Doohan himself. * Search for "do the Harlem Shake" and your results will start jumping around all over the page, to the strains of the 2013 viral video hit.Firefox users can also use You Tube Smart Pause to automatically pause the video you’re watching when you switch tabs on your browser – invaluable for those impromptu inspections by your boss/spouse. Edit, then print out, a You Tube Video A well-kept secret – but You Tube has a pretty respectable online video editor that lets you trim, splice, enhance, and add effects and audio tracks to your videos.While Chrome users get Floating You Tube – an extension which plays your video in a separate moveable window, allowing you to theoretically work at the same ti… And if you’re really interested in film-making (or merely don’t like trees), then the team over at Labnol have the tool for you - a little bookmarklet that stitches any video into a series of storyboard frames, and then allows you to print it out. Lean back and watch If you’ve lost your computer mouse – or merely want a more relaxed, fullscreen viewing experience – then head to youtube.com/leanback, where you can sigh, recline and use your keyboard to navigate. Chat about your videos with friends Having a heated debate about what, definitely, is the best cat Vine collection?0)algolia Config.autocomplete.sections.unshift();algolia Config.autocomplete.sections.unshift();var i=0;$.each(algolia Config.autocomplete.sections,function(name,section));$(algolia Config.autocomplete.selector).each(function(i){var menu=$(this);var options=;if(algolia Config.remove Branding===false){options.templates.