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Nick said he was called to Yorkshire by a ghost that was haunting him back home in the US; he had recorded audio of a spiritual being whispering 'Pontefract', and said he believed he would never have peace until he visited the infamous haunted house.

One terrifying incident saw their daughter Diane apparently dragged up the stairs by an invisible hand.Ashley has her second date with Alika and sparks fly between the two. In the end, he decides to explore a relationship with Candace, but she surprises him (and probably just about everyone watching) by choosing someone else, leaving Mike all alone.She follows that up with a naked date with JR, forcing her to make a decision between the two men. Episode 5 of the reality series Dating Naked introduces Mike, who comes to the island looking for a possible new romance, along with Candace. Somehow I doubt he’ll have trouble rebounding from this letdown.Jean and Joe Pritchard moved into 30 East Drive with their two children Phillip, 15, and Diane, 12, in August 1966 and allegedly began experiencing paranormal occurrences almost immediately.

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Inexplicable events were said to include green foam appearing the taps, objects being thrown around and levitating, photographs being slashed and even family members being slapped and shoved downstairs.The VH1 reality series Dating Naked made it two whole episodes before controversy arose.Episode 3 follows Keegan and Diane looking for romance in the buff.But later Liddy’s third date, former frat boy Steve, is introduced leading her attentions to stray. J., meanwhile, heads on naked dates with two other ladies, treating viewers to several nude scenes. VH1’s Dating Naked has officially been renewed for a second season.

Episode 8 of Dating Naked introduced Philly native Mike not to be confused with Episode 5’s Mike, who comes to the island looking for some romance.… continue reading »

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