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"Do you remember what I told you when you asked me what I had been thinking about? I was afraid that she would push away from me and tell me to leave. Besides, I was much younger then and a lot prettier." I laughed. And this medicine has blown me up to look like a blimp! She gained weight and was depressed most of the time. I know that you have a lot of girlfriends and with me here, you can't have them over the way you would like to." I began to laugh. I don't have near as many girlfriends as you think I do." Which was the truth.

I told you that it was normal for a young man to be in love with his mom, but that good boys didn't let that kind of thinking go on for too long. Mom had gotten sick and was taking some medicine that seemed to have an adverse on her. In a joking voice I said to her, "we have ways to make you talk". This was a game that we used to play when I was smaller. And we would tease each other to get them to talk by tickling. But my arm just tightened further and held her in place.

" She bean to struggle, grabbing my head, pulling me back to her. By making you do what I want." I had pushed my pajama bottoms off as I slid up along side her. "You did look like a slut with those clothespins on your nipples and pussy.

" I felt her begin to move, but I stopped when just the head was inside. Mom groaned, as her pussy lips grabbed the head of my dick. I looked down at her and her eyes were glazed with lust as she looked back.

The only light on was the moonlight coming thru the window. "To walk in and see your own mother acting like some wanton slut!

And this didn't do anything to help the raging hardon that was threatening to push thru my pajama pants. " I rubbed her back, marveling at how smooth her skin felt.

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" Mom's hips were bucking up to meet my downward pressure. "We really shouldn't do this." I looked at her and didn't say a word in return. I never let go of her wrist, and was not too surprised that she didn't struggle. And I breathed deeply, as my tongue traveled over her soft hair. She kept trying to maneuver my tongue to her clit, but I was determined to make her wait for it. But I would not let my tongue stroke her clit, and it was driving her crazy. Her whole body shook, and I felt her hands on my head. Then I licked up and down her slit, letting my tongue slide into her hole. I began to give her long slow strokes, and I felt her legs come up and wrap around me.

She was trying so hard not to cum until I gave her permission. Driving my dick hard enough to make her grunt with each plunge. And mom met my thrust and gave them back with gusto. In a few minutes, she was laughing hysterically, begging me to stop. Damn, but I wanted to put my mouth on those twin nubs! "I looked at you lying there, and thought that I had clamps that were so much better than those clothespins you were using." My hips had begun to slowly rock back and forth. You're gonna make me have an accident." Mom was squirming around now trying to get away, but I held her firm. Or you will be making up this bed in a few minutes." I knew that too much laughing would make her have an accident. I grabbed her and this time pulled her back and held her down as both hands sought her armpits. Mom looked up at me and I could see the seriousness in her face. Her nipples had grown hard and must have stood out about an inch. Afraid, that I had started to see her differently than I always had. I looked down at her and even though her breathing had grown a bit harsh, my actions caused her face to cloud with fear. I let her wrist go, and used my fingers to spread her lips open wide.

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