Brit american dating

27-Jan-2018 14:06

With 759,000 British people living in America and 64,000 Americans living in London alone, you probably cross paths with them every day. And don't forget to use this handy guide on how American girls view British guys.

We are somehow just as charming as they had hoped We sound like Hugh Grant.

If you've not yet found that special person from across the pond, don't panic.In an attempt to attract the bartender’s attention, you lean in, clear your throat and say “excuse me…could I possibly trouble you for a pint of lager? You look around, and it dawns on you that every pair of female American eyes is resting on you, stood there, in your Ben Sherman button-up and tan chinos.Turning to your left, the most attractive girl in the bar is slack-jawed in astonishment.They need their tea, skinny jeans and teacup yorkies with them at all times.