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If the student says, “um” then they have to start the clock over. The process is then repeated with the other student now taking a turn.They too will quickly realize that this exercise is a lot harder than it looks.Now have your students rotate to a new partner to commence Speed Learning exercise number two. Using hand gestures in a useful and non-distracting manner. In this exercise they must control and be deliberate with their hand gestures.Students should bring their hands together in front of them, bringing fingertips together momentarily as they speak about your favorite hobby. -) This workshop will emphasize approaches for designing, leading, and assessing activities that help engage students in the learning process. You will learn about strategies to prevent and/or respond to issues such as disruptive student behavior, cheating and plagiarism, or student challenges to grades. Topics include: Note: This interactive workshop is fully online with continuous enrollment from 9/19/17 through 12/15/17. -) This workshop presents important considerations for assessing short answers and short essays (a couple of paragraphs or less), including: grading consistently, communicating your grading criteria to students, giving constructive feedback and managing your time when grading large amounts of student work. In this workshop, you will learn strategies for responding to essays and other extended writing assignments in ways that are helpful to students and time-efficient for instructors. Give us 75 minutes, and we’ll show you the basics to get started. -) Canvas makes grading fast and easy while helping provide rich feedback for students. -) Poll Everywhere is a Bring-Your-Own-Device Classroom Response System (CRS) available for free to UW faculty, students and staff. Wednesday, – , Odegaard Library, Room 230 Come grab a snack and meet Learning Technologies staff. -) This session addresses some challenging situations that TAs might face in the classroom. Participants in this workshop will learn about inclusive teaching, including specific strategies to effectively engage all students. Learn about end-of-quarter student evaluation forms and examine options for ongoing assessment including mid-quarter surveys. -) TA responsibilities in many departments involve responding to lengthy written work by students. -) There’s so much to learn and explore in Canvas, but you just need to get your class up and running. We’ll introduce you to Canvas, Panopto, and Poll Everywhere… Learn how you can use these tools in your teaching, best practices, and how they can work together for efficiency.Students then pull out a watch or cell phone (anything with a timing device will do).

In this exercise we focus on eliminating “Um”, keeping hand gestures concise and non-distracting, and on using the power of silence. I then holler, “South facing students move two chairs to your right.

In this question and answer session you will have the opportunity to hear from international TAs about their experiences learning to be effective teachers at the UW.

Check out these student engagement activities patterned after the ever popular “speed dating” model!

-) The first step in designing teaching strategies that make coursework doable, meaningful, and enjoyable for students is to understand what helps them learn. We will examine strategies for clearly communicating to students 1) how they are being evaluated before they complete assignments, and 2) why their work does or does not meet instructor expectations.

In this workshop we will be addressing strategies for planning different types of discussions and for developing effective questions and follow-ups that provoke students’ interest. Although our primary focus will be on presenting information in the classroom, these skills can also be useful in other presentation formats. -) This workshop will explore ways of assessing student work in disciplines like art, music, drama, dance, creative writing, etc.The second use of the 2-second pause is to elicit more information from the client or prospect.After the person you are talking to says something, wait and pause for 2-seconds. You will get more information out of your customer and sell more stuff.Now, North facing students move one chair to your right!

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