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"It's a site where you can create a profile, window-shop for a play buddy, and 'check his references.' Even better, if you can, go to a public event like IML, MAL, or CLAW, or to a play party like the New York Bondage Club, where you can participate in a monitored space with other people around, or just watch the action.

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"When I was first getting started, I found a local leather contingent that held monthly bar nights and discussion groups that taught classes for kinksters at any level.I'm a mid-20s, above-average-looking gay dude into spanking guys.The weird thing is, the only guys I can find to spank are straight. Seriously Perplexed And Needing Knowledge How do you know their new girlfriends don't start spanking them when you stop?It's not that they're closeted—most of them go on to have girlfriends, and that's when we stop—and they make it clear they don't want anything sexual to happen. And how do you know they aren't closing their eyes and imagining that you're a woman when you're spanking them?

And how do you know they're not bi—at least where spankings are concerned?(Also: There are tons of gay guys out there into spanking, SPANK.So if you aren't finding any, I can only conclude that you aren't looking.) I'm wondering about the application of the term "bear" to a straight man, such as myself."There are people out there who view 'kink newbies' as prey.

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Eighty percent of success is just showing up," someone or other once said. The adage applies to romantic/sexual success as well as professional success, SACK, but.… continue reading »

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Ashley Tisdale loves to spend most. Laced with a Terrain Response system and a two-speed transfer. The vintage Iglesia de San Lucas church dating back to the.… continue reading »

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