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After her husband’s death, she did not have sex with any man.

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When she got tired of them, she’d just send them off with a large amount of land to cushion the blow.

inventive ways of getting your subjects to fulfill your rapacious desires? And so, in the spirit of sexual liberation, we’ve collected and sifted the ten greatest sex lives in history, to provide you with a little inspiration for when the missionary position just isn’t cutting it anymore.

1) Genghis Khan ### Genghis Khan is remembered as a fierce warlord, but did you know he was quite possibly a direct ancestor of 8% of the Central Asian population?

No one knows for sure which member of his immediate family was responsible for, you know, planting the seeds that would become approximately 17,000,000 males, but Genghis is a very likely candidate.

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After all, he conquered lands stretching from China to India to North Africa to Eastern Europe: between the many actual wives he took, there was probably a decent amount of…less than official coupling in Khan’s tent.Check out his desi mature sex video recorded in this webcam. Then, she kneels on the floor and takes his penis into her mouth.He could feel the awesome mouth around his penis for the first time since his wife doesn’t do that.Then, after so many years, she started to have an affair with her devar.