Dating old ink bottles

18-Mar-2017 05:39

Brown cardboard cylinder is in very good condition as is all of the tin with exception of the lid which shows a lot of patina. These came to us in the large box pictured which originally held 24 bottles.

Overall very good condition and an unusual Sanford's Tin. Clear glass oval shaped bottles have a black metal screw on lid.

Bottle measures about 1.75 in side at base and is 2.75 inches tall. I1421 Parker Superchrome Ink Bottle, rectangular clear bottle with ribbing on two sides, black metal screw on cap is printed Parker in silver. I1438 Caws clear glass ink bottle, front is embossed: Caws Ink & Pen Company New York. The outer wrapper has been neatly opened on one end and overall is very good - label clearly readable and no tears in the package.

Black and white label shows the Parker 51 fountain pen. Very interesting item from the early 1900s and in exceptional condition.

Bottle measures 2.5 inches square and is 2.75 inches tall. 1980s, made by Hunt Speedball in Statesville, NC under license from ES Perry in England. Plastic screw on lid is embossed on top with the Speedball "S", small amount of ink in bottle.

Base of bottle is embossed: Hunt Mfgr Co, Statesville North Carolina, Speedball USA, Measures 2.25 dia and is 2.25 inches tall. Werer Co Waterproof Drawing Ink, clear oz dropper bottle with black and white elaborate label. Some specks of ink on the label, but overall not too bad and quite unusual. early 1950s, clear glass rectangular bottle with ribbed sides, black metal screw on lid with Parker imprint in silver. Blue Black, no ink, Illustration of Parker 51 fountain pen on label.

Front: For Albums and Greeting Cards, Side: for Dark Colored Stationery, Back: The Smart Way & directions for use, Side: for scrapbooks. The idea was to plug the Instant Ink cartridge onto the end of the capillary filler, dunk in water, let it mix with the ink and feed into the pen. I doubt the ink concentrate is still usable, but I'll leave that for you to try if you decide to do so! I1395 Early Pelikan clear glass bottle with rubber stopper. Indeed there is some non-liquid brownish substance in the bottle that resembles rubber cement. Great graphics and a nice little kit from the late 1940s. I1535 Renard Ink Powder with Package - Vintage French red ink powder with original outer package.

Weber Waterproof Pigment Drawing Ink Sepia - Brown - Pardo. Once filled with Ryto Blue-Black Ink, all that remains now is a hint of ink dust in the bottom of bottle. Label states that this ink writes an intense blue and remains Ever Blue.

These bottles have fared very well over the past 60-some years helped along by the fact that they were tucked away in their original box. Clean them out and refill with new ink or use them to mix your special colors in. Over and over searches for Mawson and ink bring up English explorer Douglas Mawson who explored Antarctica and journal-ed about frozen ink and clogging pens in 1912 in the very, very cold Antarctica climate. Measures 2 7/8 inches diameter and is 7.25 inches tall.