Is jordan sparks dating blake lewis

18-Jan-2017 15:06

I mean, I went from being with my mom and family every single day to only seeing them every couple of months.

"Honestly, nothing ever stays the same, and here I am in the middle of it," she says. It's really hard for me to rush and be like, 'OK, I need to make five albums in five years.' I don't work that way. It’s not about the industry, it’s about that I need to sing.”Indeed, she always come back to her love of music when it comes to her career. I had one girl tell me her music kept her from committing suicide. “The down side is a lot of sacrifice and being alone — not lonely, but alone,” she says.“I’m a huge family person and not being able to make some things — that’s not easy."I've done one old-school R&B song that's completely raw. She made her film debut in 2012, playing the title role in the musical drama “Sparkle," with no less than Whitney Houston starring as her mother.