Creationism vs evolution carbon dating

27-May-2017 19:06

Anti-evolution arguments are a collection of logical fallacies, most often straw man arguments that don’t take the actual available evidence into account.

Since Origin of Species was published, the theory of evolution has been the source of much controversy, especially in religious circles.

In fact, evolution far less accepted in the United States than in other advanced western countries.

While this is not a specifically politically-based phenomenon it is far stronger among Republicans, where non-acceptance appears to be growing.

Therefore it is a “theory” because it explains these facts, which independently support evolution.

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This is why evolution successfully preys on the less scientifically literate (there exists an entire cottage industry of creationist/apologist books, videos and websites that purports to keep its readers/viewers educated on science).Evolution explain how life as we know it came to be, and this was accomplished via genetic changes (the successive change in alleles) that occur each reproductive cycle (we know this happens, because none of us are identical to our parents nor our siblings.We can observe evolution in real time when we see speciation in effect, not to mention what we’ve learned through the study of DNA).So then, why do creationists claim that “evolution says everything is getting better” or “things are not evolving they are devolving?