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The pistol that doesn't jam was his preferred date, but gals could dream, couldn't they?

Teaming him with a nun in was inspired outcome of a Ladd image going into Decade Two.

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Talent like this wasn't much rewarded except at cash registers, but hey, where else did it them like pen pals. AL with wife's (no doubt hovering) assist made business of being Alan Ladd a 24-7 proposition. I wish I was more like that, instead of being like a grateful puppy, wagging my tail and sticking my tongue out if anyone pays me the slightest attention. I love those moody birds who don’t react at all when they are being chatted up.was represented by Sue Carol, actress turned agent who took over Ladd and went about said micro-doings.

Sep 30, 2010. My sixth-grade band teacher and former Our Gang-er whom I've talked about before was represented by Sue Carol, actress turned agent who took over Ladd and went about said micro-doings. Well, she also handled Priscilla Lyon's teenage castings and invited her out for barbecues from time to time.… continue reading »

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Often described as the "perfect" western, Shane simultaneously reaffirms and transcends genre conventions. This 1953 film's basic premise -- the violent struggle between greedy cattlemen and intrepid homesteaders -- is as old as the horse opera itself and is depicted by director George Stevens in stark, unambiguous.… continue reading »

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Actress. Wife of actor Alan Ladd. She was 20 years old when she entered film work. Her first role was a bit part in Soft Cushions in 1927. Directors liked the way she took instruction and gave her a more substantial part later that year in Slaves of Beauty. While she didn't land the roles her contemporaries did, she.… continue reading »

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Sue Carol. Scorpio. Alan Ladd and Sue Carol 1941 - January 1964. 15 March 1942 - 29 January 1964 his death 3 children She married actor Alan Ladd in 1942. They had a son, David Ladd, and a daughter, Alana, and she was the stepmother of Alan Ladd, Jr. She was Alan Ladd's manager until his death by an.… continue reading »

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