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In a selfie posted to the site, Craig gives the world an up close (and free of prosthetics) view of what we've all seen a glimpse of on the Starz show. You cant believe everything you read on the internet.

In March, she connected with Robert Parker, an Army man serving in Special Forces based in Cairo, but soon to retire. "When you’re messaging people multiple time every day and actually praying for their safety when you think they’re fighting for our country, you develop a closeness pretty quickly," she said.

Their cyber security investigation confirmed the scam that came from an IP address all the way in Africa. Days after Thompson’s discovery, his profile was still on Match.

No one is sure who the man is seen in the pictures Thompson received.

Now we just need to throw more parties so we can have you play again.

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She worries she's not alone in falling for this scam, so she's swallowing her pride in the name of saving others."If I can save people from that, by having to tell the story that I didn’t really want to share and make everybody aware that I was stupid enough to have it happen to me, that would be the silver lining that could come from this," she said.