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13-Apr-2017 18:44

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Task management app Omni Focus, graphic design app Omni Graffle, and project management app Omni Plan have all been updated with i OS 11 features following Apple’s release earlier today… There’s Drag and Drop support for moving tasks within or between projects or adjusting due dates.On i Pad, you can drag tasks out of the app itself to save the URL, while you can also drag content into Omni Focus to create tasks.Likewise, Omni Graffle – the popular drawing and graphic design app – is adding its fair share of i OS 11 features.

Omni Graffle provides a thoughtful, professional interface for creating everything from basic wireframes to polished interface sketches, tools to construct SVG graphics for your next website, or designing the layout for your next hundred-server project. A thoughtful sketch or professional diagram communicates far better than words.

Included commands: This software is based on omnigraffle_export created and maintained by Filip Krikava.

omnigraffle_export is still included in this repository, as it contains some features ogtool does not (and probably will never) support, see the documentation for omnigraffle_export for more details.

Siri Kit is also coming to Omni Focus, allowing you to easily create new items, mark items as complete, and search using nothing but Siri.

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Omni Focus also now supports the new i OS 11 Files app.

positional arguments: dump Dump a list of all colors and fonts in an Omnigraffle document.